Optus is jacking up its mobile plan prices

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Optus has updated its range of mobile plans, and while each plan now comes with more data, you’ll be paying a little more for the pleasure.

Each plan has increased by AU$6 a month for new customers, but the trade-off is you’ll have a larger amount of data to use – and in most cases, your monthly data cap has doubled.

For a rundown of exactly what’s changed at Optus, refer to the table below:

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Optus mobile plans
PlanPrevious data + priceCurrent data + price
Optus Small plan10GB for AU$39p/m20GB for AU$45p/m
Optus Medium plan60GB for AU$49p/m80GB for AU$55p/m
Optus Large plan100GB for AU$59p/m200GB for AU$65p/m
Optus Extra Large plan120GB for AU$79p/m240GB for AU$85p/m
Optus One plan500GB for AU$119p/mN/A

As you’ll see in the table, new customers now need to pay a minimum of AU$45 a month to get on the Optus network, rather than the previous AU$39 a month plan. The telco has also ditched its Optus One plan altogether, which gave customers a massive 500GB a month.

It’s also doubled the data available on the Small, Large and Extra Large mobile plans. Prior to this plan refresh, Optus only offered a double data deal to customers buying a 5G handset.

Other changes now see Optus Sport included as standard on all mobile plans, a perk previously not available to customers on Optus’ cheapest deal. Each plan also comes with 5G network access and unlimited talk and text to standard numbers in Australia.

There’s bad news for fans of the telco’s included international data roaming allowance though, as it has been removed. You’ll now need to pay a minimum of AU$10 a day for 1GB of data when using your SIM overseas.

If you’re already an Optus customer, the updated pricing plans don’t apply to you – only new Optus customers.

How does Optus compare to the competition?

Among the three major telcos, Optus is facing stiff competition against Vodafone, particularly in terms of price. Optus’ price increases means its cheapest plan gets you 20GB of data for AU$45 a month, and by comparison, you can get 100GB to burn through for AU$45 with Vodafone.

When it comes to some of the smaller budget telcos, you’ll also pay less for more data. For recommendations, refer to our best SIM-only plans page.

Where Optus has them beat though, is its well-established network, and its growing 5G coverage. The telco recently laid claim to the fastest 5G speeds in Australia, with independent testing finding its average 5G download speed was 22% faster than Telstra’s in Sydney and Melbourne during the test period.

If you’d like to see availability in your area, check the Optus 5G network map.

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