Oppo could be working on its own MagSafe-style magnetic charging tech

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The magnet-based charging and accessory system MagSafe was one of the new features Apple introduced with the iPhone 12, and we're now starting to see Android phone makers coming up with alternatives of their own.

Oppo would appear to be the latest manufacturer to the party, as per unofficial renders from Oyprice (via GSMArena). We can't be sure where these pictures originate from, so treat them with a certain degree of caution, but it wouldn't be a surprise for Oppo to look to expand its accessory offerings like this.

The images show a streamlined charger in a circular shape, with a small USB-C port for the purposes of connecting the charger up to the mains. For the time being we don't have any other specs or any other details – such as the sort of charging speed that might be offered.

Oppo charging leak

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Over to Realme

Unless Oppo unveils whatever it's been working on in the very near future, Realme is going to get its own version of MagSafe out into the world. It's called MagDart, and we're expecting to see it appear alongside the Realme Flash on August 3.

Realme has suggested that its MagDart tech could exceed some wired solutions in terms of charging speeds, so we're very much looking forward to what's on offer – even if it's not clear yet whether or not these devices will be available internationally.

When you consider that Realme started out as a sub-brand of Oppo, it makes sense that they're still going to be sharing some technologies – and whatever Oppo is working on may well end up being very similar to MagDart when we get to see it.

Analysis: Wireless charging is going mainstream

iPhone 12 Mini

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Magnetic clip-on chargers existed before the iPhone 12, but Apple has done what Apple tends to do by making the technology more convenient and reliable than before, and packaging it in a way that's going to appeal to consumers.

The magnetic attachments that MagSafe uses are going to be used for a whole host of accessories down the line, Apple is promising, but it's the wireless charging add-ons that have dominated so far in terms of MagSafe-branded products.

The wireless charging speeds top out at 15W with MagSafe, which is by no means the fastest on the market but which is at least respectable. We'd expect whatever Realme and Oppo are working on to go beyond that in terms of charging rate.

With charging speeds that are at last getting above a trickle, and the ease and convenience of magnetic attachments, wireless charging is finally becoming more than a nice extra – and something that may well completely replace wired charging for a lot of users in the not-to-distant future.

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