Oppo confirms it's readying its very first smartwatch

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo is set to join the list of companies that also make gadgets for your wrist, as it has confirmed it's working on its first smartwatch.

The Oppo smartwatch was confirmed by the company's VP Shen Yiren in a Weibo -that's a Chinese social networking site - post where they provided a few other details about the upcoming device.

It's set to launch at some point in 2020, but Yiren didn't reveal if the product would be available around the world. It may be the watch comes to China first and we have to wait a bit longer to see it in other markets if it comes at all.

Yiren's Weibo post also confirmed that Oppo will opt for a square screen on its first smartwatch, which is something we haven't seen many manufacturers opt for aside from Apple with the Apple Watch.

The reasoning for square seems to be to fit more information onto the screen at the same time.

We don't currently know much more about the new smartwatch from Oppo. The post doesn't confirm whether it will come with Oppo's own software or embrace the Wear OS platform like a lot of other Android manufacturers do.

The post also teased the fact the company is working on an Oppo-branded pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones, and we're likely to see those launch by the end of 2019.

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