OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones cut the chord between your phone and ears

Alongside the arrival of the OnePlus 6, the Chinese firm also launched a new pair of headphones, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless.

An evolution of its corded Bullets line, the Bullets Wireless are a water resistant set of Bluetooth earphones connected to each other by a cable-come-neckband, but that doesn't extend to your smartphone.

The back of each of the buds are magnetic, allowing you to clip them together around your neck to prevent them getting in the way. 

When they are clipped together, the Bluetooth 4.1 connection with your smartphone is cut, helping to conserve your battery. Undock the buds from each other, and they'll reconnect to your phone and continue playing the song you were listening to previously.

Inside each earbud you'll find 9.2mm moving coil drivers and energy tubes which, OnePlus claims, deliver cleaner, crisper sound across all frequencies.

Arriving June

The neckband has two sizable chunks to it, where we expect the battery and electronics are housed - including a USB-C port for charging.

OnePlus says a 10 minute fast charge (using its Dash Charge technology) will give you five hours of battery life, with a full charge providing up to eight hours of playback. 

There's a multi-function 3-way in-line remote too, providing controls for music, calls and Google Assistant (the latter of which, we're told, will only work with OnePlus handsets).

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless will be available from June 5 and will set you back £69 ($69, around AU$90).

Watch our OnePlus 6 hands on video below

John McCann
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