O2 introduces Popcorn Pass to give you 40% off cinema tickets with its phone deals

o2 mobile phone deals with popcorn pass

Cinema going O2 customers are about to get a silver screen treat in the form of Popcorn Pass. This new offering from the network means a massive 40% cinema tickets for cinemas all over the country with a selection of its best mobile phone deals.

This wonder offer (more than a little inspired by a bunch of cute and cuddly Eastern European mammals) applies to a selection of contract phones, SIM only deals and even mobile broadband. Crucially, the tickets can be redeemed seven days a week - yup, even on Saturday night. The 24-month Popcorn Pass will work via a dedicated app that allows O2 customers, plus friends and family, to get their affordable film fix.

The Popcorn Pass can be redeemed via a scratch card and the Popcorn Pass app, or via the website, with all vouchers needing to be used by December 5. Also this only applies to 2D films. We say only, who makes 3D films that are actually worth seeing anymore anyway, right?

So which specific O2 contracts get you a Popcorn Pass? This little lot:

  • Handsets with 15GB data per month and above, on O2 Refresh
  • SIM Only (on a 12-month minimum term) with 20GB data per month and above
  • Mobile broadband tablets with 15GB data per month and above, on O2 Refresh 
  • Mobile broadband pocket hotspots or dongles with 18GB data per month and above, on O2 Refresh 
  • Mobile broadband with 18GB data per month and above

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