Nvidia GeForce Experience now saves your best gaming moments as GIFs

Nvidia GeForce Experience

Nvidia has announced some great new updates to its GeForce Experience application including the long and heavily requested ability to create gifs out of your best gaming moments.

With most of the best gaming moments being shared on Gfycat or as just plain GIFs, it was inevitable that Nvidia GeForce would be able to let you create some of your own. Nvidia has added the ability for everyone to export their Highlights as GIFs just as they could have previously shot short videos.

Highlights, of course, is a ShadowPlay feature the GPU maker introduced in August 2017 that automatically captures gamers’ greatest moments. 

Up until now users have only been able to share these moments as images or videos. Pictures are easy to share but might only capture a single snapshot of a greater story, meanwhile, uploading video requires a YouTube account or another client. Being able to save and share moments as a GIF splits the difference between both as modestly sized segments everyone can share easily.

Gamers will be able to create Highlights from even more games now that Call of Duty WWII, Tekken, Dying Light: Bad Blood and Escape from Tarkov have all joined the roster. Nvidia also released the first public SDK for Highlights along with support for the Unreal and Unity engines, so we’ll likely see an explosion of supported titles later this year.

Shot by GeForce

Nvidia is also doubling down on the sharing nature of Ansel by creating a new Shot by GeForce portal where gamers can share and appreciate each other’s work like real art. Call it the Pintrest, Behance, 500px, Flickr of gaming if you want, basically this gallery space is the closest thing the GPU maker has created that’s akin to a social network for gamers.

What’s more, Nvidia is kickstarting Shot by GeForce with a contest featuring Star Wars: Battlefront II. Whoever submits the best Ansel screenshot of the game’s arcade mode could win a Razer Blade Stealth laptop, a Razer Core V2 external GPU enclosure and a Star Wars Nvidia Titan Xp Collector’s Edition graphics card.

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