Now anybody with a 4G handset can get a Jio SIM card

While Reliance Jio  hasn't been commercially available in India, it has been running for  quite some time now. Under the guise of testing, the company started  offering SIM cards to its employees and later to the public depending on the kind of phones they owned.

It is now discovered that Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini stores are giving away Reliance Jio SIM  cards to practically anyone with a 4G compatible handset. All you have  to do is walk into these stores and ask for it. The SIM cards will come included with the 3-month unlimited data, calls and texts promo as well. 

Naturally, there's quite a lot of demand for the Reliance Jio SIM card  right now. Given that it's in short supply, its popularity has grown  exponentially. Plus the fact that it comes with 3-months of  all-you-can-have data and phone calls is quite attractive to the  customers as well. This offer also includes access to the company's  on-demand service JioOnDemand.

Previously, Jio SIM cards were offered to Samsung and LG device owners through a unique code generated via the MyJio application.  But with these restrictions now being lifted, practically anybody with a  4G compatible phone can walk into an outlet and claim their Jio SIM.  However, availability might be limited given the kind of demand it's  seeing currently.

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