Not content with glowing toasters, Razer is also bringing its Chroma lighting to cars

Razer car
(Image credit: Razer)

Razer, maker of award-winning gaming laptops and light-up toasters, has made its first foray into the automotive industry with the release of a heavily branded limited-edition electric car.

In January, Razer reported that it was working on in-car lighting for startup Leapmotor, but its newly unveiled vehicle is the result of a partnership with the established automaker NIO.

The all-electric SUV, the NIO x Razer ES6 Night Explorer, is now available to buy in China, though the run is limited to just 88 cars (eight being a lucky number).

In the coming years, the two companies will work together to create cars that are more mainstream and look a little less like gaming mice. Although not quite so ostentatious, these will still feature Chroma lighting in the cockpit, lighting that syncs with music from the entertainment system, and "game integrations".

Razer SUV

(Image credit: Razer)

These integrations might be similar to the newly released Tesla Arcade, which offers an array of games to keep drivers occupied while their electric cars are charging. Once full automation becomes a reality, motorists will be able to sit back and enjoy some gaming on the move as well.

Another bright idea

The Razer toaster started life as an April Fool's Day prank, Project Breadwinner, which promised a Chroma Energy Butter Application System: "Now with Razer Venom! Secrete your high-performance gamer butter all over your toast mid roast. Color coordinated with your current Razer Chroma profile for the ultimate in culinary Chroma chow."

It sounded deeply unappealing, but captured the imagination of gamers, who petitioned the company to turn it into a real product. In May, the company's CEO Min-Liang Tan finally caved to the pressure.

Razer toaster

(Image credit: Razer)

"It will take a few years - but I'll be sure to share the progress – and make it a community affair," Tan said on Facebook. "A Razer Toaster – For Razer Toaster Lovers. By Razer Toaster Lovers".

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