Nintendo Switch will have portable-only games that won't support TV mode

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It seems that some games will take a ‘just because I can doesn’t mean I have to’ approach to the Nintendo Switch’s hybrid capabilities.

According to Kotaku, a recently revealed Japanese launch title for the console called Voez requires a touchscreen to play and will therefore only be playable when the Switch is in its portable mode. 

Voez is a touch-sensitive rhythm game that was originally released on iOS and Android last year. It’s great for playing on a tablet and according to the FAQ accompanying the game’s Switch announcement, it’s going to stay great for playing on a tablet. 

Mobile madness?

“Q: Can I play even in TV mode? A: No. This software can not play in TV mode. Touch the touch screen in mobile mode to play the game. Button operation is not available.”

Though we didn’t exactly expect that the Nintendo Switch would support games that are only playable in one of its modes, it does make sense. 

In portable mode the Switch is essentially just a tablet and supporting touch-screen only mobile games will certainly expand the console’s library. It’ll be useful to have access to short games that won’t tax the Switch’s portable battery life as well as larger titles. 

However, it does give us pause. 

Are we about to see Nintendo’s eShop become flooded with a bunch of lazy mobile ports that undermine Nintendo’s insistence the Switch is a strong choice for a home console? 

On the other hand, you could argue this is a boon for the Switch; it’s still doing exactly what it promised by allowing you to play on the go and at home but adding the ability to play your favorite tablet or mobile games on the console will keep it competitive with these equally as convenient portable gaming devices. 

Regardless, it’ll have to be made absolutely clear on the eShop to users when they’re purchasing games that won’t work in TV mode or Nintendo will have some very dissatisfied customers on their hands.

Emma Boyle

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