Newly leaked Pixel 3a renders apparently confirm a May launch date

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It's fair to say we've seen a fairly extensive series of leaks for the upcoming mid-range Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, but we've now got a fresh set of renders showing off the phones in advance, as well as another hint about the launch date.

The pictures, obtained by Android Headlines, show the two phones inside simple cases, so they don't actually reveal too much about the handsets – from the front they look pretty much as you would expect them to. Note the lack of notch though, and the apparent inclusion of a headphone jack.

Google Pixel 3a leak

Google Pixel 3a leak (credit: Android Headlines)

Take a closer look and the date on the home screen is interesting. May 7 is when this year's Google IO gets underway, so it looks as though we've got two new phones to look forward to as well as all the latest news on Android Q.

This launch date had been previously teased by a teaser posted on the Google Store online, so it's looking just about certain that May 7 is the date when the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL will be unveiled.

Leaks aplenty

That said, Google isn't going to have much left to unveil at this rate – we've seen specs leaked and colors leaked, making the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL two of the worst-kept secrets in tech at the moment.

The phones should arrive with Snapdragon 670 chipsets and 4GB of RAM under the hood, with 32GB and 64GB rumored to be the internal storage options.

These are less powerful than the main Pixel 3 phones then, but apparently they're still going to rock the same 12.2MP camera on the back. Screen sizes have been tipped to start at 5.56 inches.

We should find out everything about these phones on May 7 – after that it's a countdown to the big unveiling of the Pixel 4, which we're expecting to happen around five or six months afterwards.

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