New iPhone SE 2 leaked renders show... basically an iPhone 8

The iPhone 8
The iPhone 8 (Image credit: Future)

We're expecting the iPhone SE 2 to come out this year – a phrase we've been saying for several years now, admittedly – but newly leaked renders give us a really close look at what we could expect from the upcoming budget iPhone.

These renders come from prolific leaker @Onleaks, shared with iGeeksBlog, and show a full view of the device from the front and back, plus some other angles. It's worth taking these images with a pinch of salt right off the bat, as they contradict certain other design rumors we've heard (mainly due to the lack of a notch), but they're still worth looking at regardless.

The pictures show a slim phone with rounded edges, a lightning port, no 3.5mm headphone jack, and a chunky bezel and chin on the front in lieu of a notch. This probably rings a bell with people who owned an iPhone 8, because it looks basically the same.

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That makes sense given some rumors suggest the iPhone SE 2 is actually called the iPhone 9, but the iPhone 8 is currently still available to buy, so there's little reason people would opt for what seems like the same device.

If this render is accurate, it suggests the real differences between the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 8 are in the internals, as the former would likely have a newer chipset, better camera and bigger battery, and would probably run iOS 13 from the get-go.

This render might not reflect the real product though, as it's different to other renders we've seen. The iPhone SE 2 could look like a budget version of a more modern iPhone, or could stick to the design of the original iPhone SE.

This is all speculation based on rumors based on speculation, so we'll have to wait for Apple to finally unveil the new iPhone to find out exactly what it's like. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.


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