New iPad Pro 2020 release date could be the same as the iPhone SE 2

The iPad Pro 11 2018 edition
The iPad Pro 11 2018 edition (Image credit: Future)

There are two eagerly anticipated Apple products that we've been waiting on a while – they're the new iPad Pro 2020 and the iPhone SE 2 – and while we've been hearing the latter could be out in March 2020, it seems the former could too.

This news comes from Digitimes, a Taiwanese news site that reports on production line and industry news, with the site publishing a short report stating that iPad Pro 2020 models have gone into production, with a March release date penciled in for their unveiling.

Therefore in the next month (as of writing) we could see new entries into Apple's top-end tablet range, an eagerly anticipated development since there were no 2019 models to follow on from the iPad Pro 2018 devices.

On top of that, we've heard multiple reports that the new iPhone SE 2 devices will also be out in March, so it's very possible the new Apple products will be unveiled at the same time.

The iPhone SE was a smaller, more affordable smartphone from Apple which launched in 2016, offering users access to the iOS and Apple ecosystem at a lower price point, and while a successor has been rumored for years, the news surrounding it has reached fever pitch, making a release date likely now more than ever.

Of course, it's worth taking this rumor with a pinch of salt: firstly, it's not totally clear where Digitimes got the information from, despite normally being reliable in this regard, and secondly we've heard coronavirus could cause the iPhone SE 2 release date to be pushed back (due to production issues) and the same could be the case for the new iPad Pro models in 2020.

We'll find out presently though, because as of writing it's nearly March, so the Apple unveiling could be very close... or it could be months or even years off too, which would certainly prove this news wrong.

Tom Bedford

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