New leaks hint at iPhone SE 2 price and launch date

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We've heard so many leaks at this stage that it seems clear that Apple is planning an iPhone SE 2 device – which may well be called the iPhone 9 – and reports this weekend back up what we've already heard about its pricing and launch date.

According to sources speaking to Fast Company, the next budget iPhone is going to cost you $399 (about £310 / AU$600, though Apple won't use a straight currency conversion), and is going to be shown off to the world in March.

That all makes sense, as the original iPhone SE made its debut at the same price point in 2016, and Apple usually hosts a product announcement show in March.

The new information backs up rumors we've already heard as well, so while nothing is certain at this stage, we can start taking the speculation about a $399 price and March launch window a little more seriously.

Picking a name

There has been talk that the coronavirus outbreak could potentially delay the launch of the iPhone SE 2, but it would seem that March is the plan at least. The original iPhone SE also launched in March.

As for specs, it looks as though a 4.7-inch screen might be what the iPhone SE 2 is sporting, and in appearance it might closely resemble the current iPhone 8, complete with a Touch ID sensor.

If Apple does decide to call the phone the iPhone 9 then that would fit in better with the current naming strategy for Apple's handsets, though as with everything else, we're not completely sure yet what's in the pipeline.

We might not have much longer to find out, if Fast Company's sources are correct – if a March event is planned, then Apple should be alerting news outlets and issuing invites in the next few weeks.

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