Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus leak in full in hands-on video

Samsung Galaxy Buds
(Image credit: Future)

When it comes to the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event on February 11, we've been hearing a lot about the Galaxy 20 phones and the Galaxy Z Flip that are showing up, but Samsung is launching an audio product too – the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

Thanks to a detailed hands-on video just posted to YouTube by Roland Quandt of WinFuture, you can now see the wireless earbuds from every angle, and even get an idea of how they work.

The buds are the follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Buds (pictured above), and are promising to bring with them a boost in battery life and a slightly tweaked design, although it looks as though noise cancelation won't be a feature.

As you can see below, the hands-on video shows the Buds Plus – in blue – and the packaging in full. Samsung is quoting 11 hours of playtime between charges, which you can top up using the charging case.

Wireless charging is once again supported, so you can pop the Galaxy Buds Plus on any compatible charging mat (or reverse charging Galaxy phone) to top up the battery level and carry on listening.

Another feature is the inclusion of three mics for improved voice calling – you should have no problems making yourself heard if you're going to be making calls over Bluetooth with these wireless earbuds.

The rumor is that you'll get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for free if you preorder the more expensive Galaxy S20 models when they're announced next week. According to this video, the retail price is $169 (about £130 / AU$255).

There are going to be a whole load of new product announcements at Unpacked 2020, including the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and new flagship phones from Samsung, and we will of course keep you right up to date here.

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