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New Discord update resolves Windows 10 gaming bug

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A bug within one of the internet's favourite hangout platforms, Discord appears to be the reason behind the abrupt interruptions or failed launches many PC gamers have experienced recently.

Several Direct3D 12 PC games running on Windows 10 (versions: 20H2; 2004 and 1909)  were affected by the issue, according to Microsoft and they pinned the blame on Discord and said the issue was related to an in-game overlay feature (opens in new tab), which allows gamers to incorporate voice and text chat into the games efficiently by pinning widgets onto the screen.

"When attempting to open affected games you might receive an error, or the game might close silently," said Microsoft (opens in new tab).

Initially, the company suggested that users disable the in-game overlay within the Discord app to prevent the issue.

However, the issue was resolved by an update to the Discord app and a larger Windows update was not required.

If you still experience the error it means your Discord is out of date.

To verify that you have the latest version installed, right-click the Discord icon in the notification area and hit "Check for updates".