New BT broadband customers to get free speed boost on Full Fibre plans

BT Broadband
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Tired of your slow internet connection? BT has just launched a one-month speed boost trial for new customers signing up to a Full Fibre plan, meaning internet speeds of up to 500mb at no extra charge.

Introduced as part of BT Broadband's commitment to providing broadband customers with the "fastest speeds and best reliability on the market", the offer will appeal to home internet users that demand the highest possible speeds from their connection.

BT says that the boosted 500Mb connection - impressive compared to the speeds of around 35Mb that is offered with most standard fibre broadband deals - will allow 4k movie downloads in 34 seconds, and upload speeds of up to 110Mb to cater for the needs of online gamers as well as households that require smart security camera monitoring, home working and video calling.

And with the provider quoting recent research that found an average home has up to 28 devices connected to Wi-Fi, the faster speeds should be enough to avoid broadband slowdowns at the busiest times.

"Ultra-fast and reliable connectivity"

With packages starting as low as £25.99, BT's Director of Propositions Sharon Meadows says: "With a growing number of connected devices in the home and Brits adopting technology so readily, it’s more important than ever to have the fastest speeds and best reliability on the market.

"We want to give our customers flexibility in the packages they choose, which is why we’re offering a one-month trial of faster packages for no extra cost. It can be hard to imagine what a game changer it is having ultra-fast and reliable connectivity, and this way, BT customers can see the impact of the speed boost for themselves, without having to commit to an upgrade.”

BT router

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Who’s eligible for the speed boost trial? 

New customers getting a Full Fibre Essential (£25.99/pm) or Full Fibre 1 (£27.99/pm) plans will see their internet bumped to the Full Fibre 100 package when they activate their speed boost trial - that means average download speeds of a rapid 150Mb.

While those opting for Full Fibre 2 or Full Fibre 100 (£29.99/pm) package will get boosted to the Full Fibre 500 package, saving customers £20. That's where you can catapult all the way to 500Mb during that one-month speed-boost trial.

You can head straight through to the BT website to see which Full Fibre plans you can get where you live.

How to claim your free speed boost trial

Once connected, Full Fibre customers are able to simply activate the speed boost trial by visiting the ‘Broadband: Extras’ tab on the site and selecting whichever upgraded package they’d like. 

If you decide after a month that you don’t want to upgrade your pre-existing package, you’ll automatically be switched back at no extra cost.

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