Manchester City's high-density Wi-Fi will bring live replays for Etihad crowd

Manchester City's high-density Wi-Fi will bring live replays for Etihad crowd
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Premier League giants Manchester City have announced that they will be offering their fans high-density Wi-Fi, as well as a live service that will let you watch live video, replays of the action and interaction.

The Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution will be installed at the Eithad Stadium in the coming weeks and promises to deliver high speed wireless internet to 'thousands' of mobile phones and tablets. There's also an agreement with comms partner O2 to improve phone connectivity to boot.

And that obviously facilitates StadiumVision Mobile, which will offer up the video streams and a 'dynamic data channel' for stats, trivia competitions and multi-player games.

Some purists might be horrified at the prospect of people sitting in the stadium watching the game on their iPad - but it's definitely a forward-thinking addition from the 2011-12 Premier League Champions.

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