Netflix's Black Mirror and The Crown up for six TV BAFTAs

Two of Netflix's most-loved shows are up for a number of awards at the TV BAFTAs, the prestigious UK awards ceremony, with The Crown and Black Mirror sharing six nominations between them.

The TV BAFTAs is an intriguing one for Netflix. So far, a major TV BAFTA win has eluded the service, this is despite The Crown getting four nominations last year and Stranger Things getting a nod for Best International Show. 

The six nominations are for:

  1. Drama Series: The Crown
  2. Leading Actor: Joe Cole – Hang the DJ, Black Mirror
  3. Leading Actress: Claire Foy – The Crown
  4. Supporting Actor: Jimmi Simpson – USS Callister, Black Mirror
  5. Supporting Actress: Vanessa Kirby – The Crown
  6. Single Drama: Hang The DJ, Black Mirror

There is also a nomination for one show that was an exclusive in the US on Netflix but was originally on Channel 4 in the UK, and that is the sublime The End Of The F***ing World.

This time around, Amazon Prime Video hasn't got any TV BAFTA nominations. Last year Transparent was also up for Best International Show - against Stranger Things - but they both ended up losing out to American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson.

Amazon will be hoping to change this when its new TV strategy comes into force. It has bought up the television rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise and Stephen King's opus The Dark Tower, which was recently made into an utterly disappointing movie.

As for its current crop, we reckon Red Oaks should have gotten a look-in, as should have the ever-brilliant Mr Robot. 

And it's a travesty that Better Call Saul didn't get anything in the Best International Show category, given it's the best thing on Netflix at the moment.

Marc Chacksfield

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