Netflix AU raises Premium subs price, despite looming launch of Disney Plus

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For many Australian households, Netflix has become an irreplaceable source of entertainment – which is probably all the justification the streaming giant needed to suddenly raise the price of its Premium plan to just under AU$20 a month, with the increase going into effect immediately starting today.

Previously priced at AU$17.99 a month, the Premium plan's new AU$19.99 monthly fee doesn't bring anything extra to the table, still offering 4K Ultra HD streams for up to four devices simultaneously.

Thankfully, if you're subscribed to Netflix's Basic or Standard plans, you won't have to pay anything extra at this time. You can check out Netflix Australia's pricing tiers and what they offer in the infographic below.

Australian Netflix pricing

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It's a bold strategy, Netflix – let's see if it pays off for you

The price jump comes just six weeks out from the highly-anticipated Australian launch of Disney Plus, which will offer 4K streams on four simultaneous screens with unlimited downloads for a monthly price of AU$8.99, or AU$89.99 if you opt to pay per year. If you want the full run down of the prices, including bundles and deals make sure to check out our Disney Plus price.

Given Disney's aggressive pricing strategy, which will make it one of the cheapest streaming services in Australia, Netflix's price hike seems like a baffling decision at this particular moment. 

If we may be so bold, perhaps Netflix could stand to make a few less shows (that will likely be cancelled after two seasons anyway) and keep the price down for while – or, at the very least, maybe invest some of that additional subscription money it's collecting into the creation of more original Australian content.

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