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Mysterious Google Pixel XE shows up in leaked photos

Pixel 4a
The Google Pixel 4a (Image credit: Future)
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Google announced three different phones this year, with the Google Pixel 5 at the top of the range and then the Google Pixel 4a and the Google Pixel 4a 5G as more affordable options. However, the company might have another phone on the way, one that doesn't belong to any existing range.

That's because a phone called the Google Pixel XE has been leaked by a couple of sources, but so far there's not much information about it.

First up, there's an image spotted by Tom's Hardware (opens in new tab) (the Italian version of the site) showing a phone's settings page with the name 'Google Pixel XE' listed on it. The device in question is a dual-sim phone running Android 11.

Google Pixel XE

(Image credit: TomsHardware)

In the top right corner of the image you can also see reference to eight processor cores, so presumably the phone has an octa-core chipset, but most modern smartphones do, so that's no surprise.

Another set of images, this time showing most of the front of the phone, were shared by a leaker on SlashLeaks (opens in new tab), and again the Pixel XE name can be seen.

These images are similar, once again showing some settings screens, including the 'About phone' screen. However, there are a few more details here. The settings screens reveal that this Pixel XE is a dual-SIM device with NFC, while you can also see a single-lens punch-hole camera in the top center of the screen.

Usually Google puts those in the top left corner, so this isn't an already available Pixel device masquerading as the Pixel XE, but of course these could still be edited images of a non-Pixel phone.

As such, and given that there's so little information on the phone, we'd take these leaks with a pinch of salt. It's not really clear where this would fit into Google's range, and the company quite recently launched new handsets, so we wouldn't think anything else would be coming super soon.

Still, if and when we hear anything else about this mysterious Google Pixel XE, we'll be sure to let you know.

James Rogerson
James Rogerson

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