Mozilla launches private file-sharing tool with 24-hour self destruct

Mozilla has just launched Firefox Send – a new service that lets you upload and share big files securely. 

Upload files up to 1GB in size and Firefox Send will generate a link that expires after 24 hours or one download, whichever comes first.

The file is encrypted before being sent to a remote server. Mozilla stores the file’s name and size, but can’t access its content.

The only drawback is that the link can't be password-protected, so you need to watch who gets their hands on it.

Share and shred

Firefox Send is part of the Firefox Test Pilot program, which lets users try experimental features before they’re integrated into the browser. Past experiments have included tab snoozing and a floating media player.

Usually these require the Firefox Test Pilot add-on, but Firefox Send works in any web browser. Give it a try.

Cat Ellis

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