Mozilla releases experimental new Firefox features

Try three new prototype Firefox features
Try three new prototype Firefox features

The Firefox Test Pilot program lets you experiment with new features that Mozilla is considering adding to the browser. The program has been running since May, and Mozilla has just added three new tools for you to experiment with: Min Vid, Page Shot and Tracking Protection.

Test Pilot lets you muck in and have your say in the future of Firefox. You can do this by testing prototypes, giving feedback, or even submitting your own idea. You don't have to be technically-minded – the only requirement is enthusiasm. To get started, install the Test Pilot add-on and submit your email address, then select the experimental feature you'd like to sample.

Min Vid

Min Vid lets you play videos in a small window that floats over your other tabs, complete with mini controls for playback, pause and scrubbing. Depending on your priorities it's either wonderfully convenient or terribly distracting. You can position the video to avoid obscuring what you're (supposed to be) working on, adjust its size, and send it to its own tab. The prototype works with YouTube and Vimeo - just load a video, then click the Min Vid icon in the top left corner.

Firefox Test Pilot Min Vid

Min Vid lets you play videos from YouTube or Vimeo in a miniature window that sits over the top of whichever page you're browsing

Page Shot

Page Shot is an amped-up screengrab tool with built-in sharing and archiving. Its main advantage over dedicated screen capture apps is that saved grabs are searchable by the text on the page. This makes it particularly useful for capturing booking confirmations and activation codes that you'd normally have to save as an HTML document, or jot down on a sticky note and then lose.

Firefox Test Pilot Page Shot

The Page Shot extension lets you capture browser pages and share them via email or social media

Tracking protection

The final tool in the latest Test Pilot update is Tracking Protection – something that's currently only active in private browsing mode. It identifies and blocks cookies that track your activity across sites to protect your privacy.

These three tools join the four experimental add-ons included with the program's launch – Activity Stream, Tab Center, No More 404s, and Universal Search – which are still available for testing.

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