Moto Z2 and Moto X4 phones could launch on July 25

Motorola has sent out invitations for a July 25 event in New York City where it will likely lift the veil from the Moto Z2, a slew of new MotoMods and possibly, the Moto X4. 

It was around this time last year that Moto took to the stage to unveil the Moto Z, Moto Z Force and the first wave of MotoMods, so the timing of this July event lines up with last year’s unveiling. 

Of course, that’s about the only thing that we have to go on given that the invite contains nary a hint about what will be announced, though it is fun to look at. See for yourself below.

X and Z, sittin' in a tree

If you’ve been paying attention to the recent wave of phone rumors, you’d know that the Moto Z2 isn’t the only Moto phone in the news. The Moto X4 has been appearing at a pretty frequent pace, most recently leaking in full

Given what we know about the so-far rumored device, it looks to be at the high-end of the midrange sector of smartphones. Not just that, it’s been pinned to be the first non-Google phone to be compatible with Project Fi when it releases.

Moto isn’t sharing any other details regarding the event, but we’ll be there to see what transpires.

Cameron Faulkner

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