Moto Z could get its killer app with a Tango mod

Tango, the augmented reality technology that debuted on the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro could be appearing next in a MotoMod for the Moto Z family of phones, including the Moto Z Play and Moto Z Force.

Motorola Mobility president Aymar de Lencquesaing let slip at a recent press event that the promising, yet slow growing modular accessory library is “likely to have a Tango module” at some point in the future. He continued the tease, stating that “augmented reality on a phone is a technology that’s likely to stick.”

For the uninitiated, Tango utilizes a dual-camera setup to detect your environment and use that visual information to place virtual objects into it. Some examples of Tango in use showed the tech being able to measure the length of real-life objects with a virtual ruler, as well as placing a full-scale dinosaur in your room and having it roam about.

Lenovo’s Tango-enabled phone only recently launched (keep a look-out for a full review soon), but it makes sense that the company would be in somewhat of a hurry to work the AR technology into its more globally recognizable Motorola brand. 

The catalog of MotoMods already covers an impressive variety of use cases, like topping off your battery, projecting a film onto the wall, or increasing optical zoom with the $249 (£199) Hasselblad module. While a Tango MotoMod likely won’t be the least bit affordable, augmented reality will be a sizable notch in the Moto Z’s belt.

Moto Z owners, how much would you pay for a Tango module?

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Cameron Faulkner

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