Moto Z Android Oreo update could arrive in a few weeks

A few weeks ago, we reported that Android Oreo would finally be making its way to Moto Z and Moto Z Force phones in the US after “some time” – a span that has in total lasted over six months since support for Oreo was announced. 

Unfortunately, that time hasn’t come to an end just yet, but Verizon users are reportedly seeing a placeholder teaser for the soon-to-come update, according to Droid Life. On the software update page, some are seeing a tall image that states the Android Oreo software will make its way to phones in a few weeks.

Credit: Droid Life

Credit: Droid Life

News that more waiting is involved isn’t something that anyone wants to hear, but we’re a big fan of this approach that Moto is taking here. Any transparency from a company is better than nothing, and while Moto’s tardiness in updating to Android Oreo on its 2016 flagship devices is certainly an ongoing disappointment, this placard at least quiets concern that that it won’t come at all.

In before Moto G6?

The Moto G6 family is about to debut on April 19, and it's all but confirmed to be stocking Android Oreo. This includes the rumored Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus and the cheaper Moto G6 Play.

Moto has likely been spending its time getting its new phones up to speed with Google's current software platform, but hopefully it doesn't keep its loyal users waiting for too much longer.

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