Moto X4 announcement could be just days away

IFA 2017 is about to kick off and with it we’re expecting a number of phone announcements, including perhaps the Moto X4, as Motorola is holding an event on September 2 where it sounds a lot like we’ll see the phone.

Posted on its Philippines Facebook page, Motorola has shared an invite to a live stream with two Filipino actors. So far, so uninteresting, except the invite includes the words ‘hellomoto X’, strongly hinting that the Moto X4 will be in attendance.

It’s not clear whether the phone will be announced in that live stream or at IFA at around the same time, but one way or another Motorola’s next mid-ranger might almost be here.

Motorola's event invite includes the letter 'X', hinting at what we might see

Motorola's event invite includes the letter 'X', hinting at what we might see

Priced to move

And we have an idea of how much it will cost too, as Twitter user @HeyAndri (a leaker with a mixed track record) claims that in the US it will start at $349.99 (around £270/AU$440) and rise to $399.99 (roughly £310/AU$500). That’s likely for 32GB and 64GB models respectively.

That lines up with a previous pricing rumor and would allow the Moto X4 to comfortably undercut the Moto Z2 Force, while remaining pricier than the Moto G5S – just as we’d expect.

If that September 2 announcement date is right we should know the exact prices soon, and if the Moto X4 doesn’t appeal there’s plenty more to look forward to, with the LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ1 and others all likely to make an appearance at IFA 2017 as well.

  • The Pixel 2 is fast approaching too

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