Month-long delays plague 2021 MacBook Pro – and no, it's not the chip shortage

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Customers waiting for their own 2021 MacBook Pro laptop have been experiencing shipping wait times of around three to four weeks. What’s odd, however, is that the cause for these delays isn’t so clear-cut.

In general, the industry-wide chip shortage has caused the most issues not only in GPU and CPU shortages but also in other computer components as well as laptop shortages. But paradoxically, Apple hasn’t suffered significantly in this regard when it comes to the 2021 MacBook Pro models, according to TrendForce.

Reports of TSMC’s increased prices for its client by three percent for 5nm orders doesn’t seem to have affected Apple’s chip orders. There were also concerns of mini-LED production issues causing delays in the 2021 MacBook Pro. But Apple solved that issue by hiring Luxshare to supply the component as well.

Most likely, the biggest factor in this near-month delay is high consumer demand for the product itself. Which, if the case, this is an issue that doesn’t seem to be easing any time soon.

Analysis: how will this affect 2022 MacBook Air production? 


TSMC has reportedly ramped up 3nm chip production for the second half of this year, which means that the production of Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air launch later this year shouldn’t be affected. Apple is also planning on introducing its M3 and A17 chips in 2023, which should be on pace as well.

These huge shifts in production imply that the 2022 models will be produced at a smooth rate, and minimize any related production delays. So if there are any delays or shortages down the line, it will likely be for the most Apple of reasons: a whole lot of people want to buy their stuff.

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