Unlimited mobile music will combat P2P piracy

Nokia's 'Comes With Music' phone launches later this week, predicted to combat music piracy

'Eat as much as you like' style music downloads, such as Nokia's Comes With Music service, will result in a decrease in the amount of P2P music piracy, according to new research.

British consumers could well download 2.1 BILLION tracks a year using such services, according to the market researcher TNS Technology, which interviewed over a 1,000 people ages 16 to 64 about what they wanted from an unlimited mobile music services.

"If the industry got it right we could see a significant shift in the way people obtain and listen to music," said Stephen Yap, research director at TNS Technology.

Xmas stocking filler

Nokia's own Comes With Music phone is scheduled to be unveiled later this week, on Thursday October 2, in time for Xmas '08 stocking filler buyers.

Sony Ericsson and music specialist Omnifone's own PlayNow plus service will go further than Nokia's rather DRM-restricted service and even allow subscribers to listen to their music on iPods and other devices.

TNS claims that 45% of users would buy fewer CDs, 47% would buy fewer digital downloads and 38% said they would reduce their use of illegal peer-to-peer downloading of music.