The Big Freeze: mobile phone use soars

"Fancy a pint? I'm not going into the office today..."
"Fancy a pint? I'm not going into the office today..."

The Big Freeze that almost brought the UK to its knees yesterday seems to be thawing out a little today, but one sector that did benefit from our day of snow was the mobile phone industry.

All operators are reporting huge increases in the amount of data sent over their networks yesterday, as many texted bosses to tell them there was no way they could make it into the office.

And then spent the rest of the day sending picture messages to their mates and family members of themselves and the kids messing around in the snow!

Let it snow, let it...

Vodafone reports a 58% leap in texts to over 30 million through the day, most of these between 7am and 9am. A whopping half a million texts were sent between 8am and 8.05am as commuters quickly realized the trip to work was off.

Over on 3 saw picture messaging doubled, with many users taking the chance to update their Facebook profiles as they constructed a huge man of snow!

Mobile broadband usage was notably higher through the Big Freeze according to Orange, while T-Mobile reported a 73% increase in calls compared with an average Monday.

It looks like it's back to normal today folks. Still, at least you can use works' phones again and not rack up any more mobile bills.

Adam Hartley