Samsung, HTC and LG team up to start a wireless charging format war

Samsung, HTC and LG team up to start a wireless charging format war
The Galaxy S4 is compatible with Qi tech, but future devices won't be

Blu-ray vs HD-DVD and VHS vs Betamax were legendary tech format wars, but it's unlikely we can expect the same level of drama or excitement from the latest standards battle to emerge on Friday.

Mobile manufacturers Samsung, LG and HTC have become fully paid-up members of the Power Matters Alliance responsible for pushing the advance of wireless mobile charging.

It's a big coup for the PMA, which was set-up by Powermat and Duracell and boasts support from Starbucks and the US mobile network AT&T.

It was the groups alignment with AT&T which swung the deal, as according to a Crave report, it asked Samsung, LG and HTC to built Powermat-ready tech into future handsets.

The battleground

However, this brings us to the new battleground. The PMA's big rival Qi was thought to have become the accepted industry standard after providing wireless charging solutions for Nokia's recent Lumia handsets and Google Nexus devices.

Last month it was also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be compatible with wireless charging accessories from Qi, but it now appears it'll be the last of the series that is.

Qi is a product of the open Wireless Power Consortium, set up by the likes of Sanyo, Philips and Logitech, which currently has over 130 members.

As Crave points out, now that the PMA has three of the biggest Android manufacturers on board with its wireless charging standard, a lot of folks will wait for the outcome of the format war before going all in on one standard.

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