Netflix takes on Lovefilm on home turf with UK Kindle Fire app

Netflix takes on Lovefilm on home turf with UK Kindle Fire app
Netflix on Fire

Netflix has released a dedicated Kindle Fire app for the UK, taking the movie streaming fight to Lovefilm on its own Amazon-owned turf.

The Netflix app is now available in the Amazon App Store in the UK so you can now stream Netflix's films and TV shows on the Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

There is already an Android app for Netflix and this is really just a rebadged version for the Amazon tablets, but it's not difficult to see why the streaming service would want to directly target the Kindle devices.

App attack

Amazon owns both the Kindle line and Lovefilm, and has pre-loaded the Kindle tablets with the Lovefilm app.

As well as this, the company has made it easy for new Kindle Fire owners to link their Amazon and Lovefilm accounts for all their video streaming needs.

The Kindle Fire line-up has already proven hugely popular in the States, with Amazon claiming it as the best-selling product ever on; and with its killer combination of low price-tag, good reviews and Amazon's marketing might, it's set to do well everywhere else too with its defacto Lovefilm movie streaming on board.

The two companies have been battling it out for content rights since Netflix hit the UK in January 2012, but now the fight has moved to the platform stage where Amazon has a huge advantage.

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