Microsoft Surface Pro officially hits stores

Surface Pro
Don't let that 8GB recovery partition hold you back.

Today, Microsoft make's the leap from app tablet to full PC vendor with the release of the Surface Pro in the U.S. and Canada.

The Surface Pro, Microsoft's first-party Windows 8 tablet, is now for sale in stores across the States, just three months after the release of the Surface RT.

Along with the Pro's debut comes its specs, particularly the amount of usable storage space available in the 64GB and 128GB models.

Not counting an 8GB recovery partition, the 64GB model has 32GB of SSD storage and the 128GB model has 96GB of SSD storage (all in decimal format).

Going Pro

The step from RT to Pro is a big one; its the difference between the iPad and the MacBook Pro.

Ed Bott at ZDNet posed the hypothesis that based on the buying behavior of consumers for the RT and Pro, "buyers are treating the Surface RT like a tablet and the Surface Pro like a PC."

During the Surface RT launch, the $499 32GB model sold out right away, leaving the pricier 64GB model widely available.

Early reports for Surface Pro sales indicate that the $999 128GB model is far outselling the $899 64GB model.

Online stores (like Best Buy) still have both Surface Pro models available. The Microsoft Store online has sold out of the 128GB model.