iPad Pro may feature a 12.2-inch screen and brand new A9 processor

iPad Pro
Will the iPad Pro actually be named the iPad Air Plus?

A new leak published by Japanese magazine Mac Fan suggests the iPad Pro, which is referred to as the iPad Air Plus, will sport a 12.2-inch screen.

The rumours come from schematics which allegedly describe the upcoming iPad Pro. The 12.2-inch screen is smaller than the previously rumoured 12.9-inches, however it does correspond with other rumours we've heard.

The leak also claims that the dimensions of the iPad Pro will be 305.31mm x 220.8mm x 7mm. The 7mm thickness again backs up rumours we've previously seen about the iPad Pro being thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus.

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According to these new rumours the iPad Pro will be getting a whole new processor, the A9, which will be an upgrade from the A8X processor found in the iPad Air 2.

If true then the A9 processor we see in the iPad Pro could be a good hint at what CPU will be powering the upcoming iPhone 7.

iPad Pro

It's also interesting that throughout the leak the iPad Pro is referred to as the iPad Air Plus. This is the first we've heard of a potential name change, but it seems like it is following on from Apple's naming convention with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apparently the iPad Pro will launch along with a new iPad mini 4 (which sports the same A8X processor found in the Air 2 along with a thinner design) sometime between April and June 2015.

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