iPad mini 2 Retina display issues blamed for flaky release date

iPad mini 2 Retina display issues blamed for flaky release date
Limited Retina supply is a problem

We still don't know exactly when the iPad mini 2 release date is, all Apple has provided us with is "later in November" - but the reason for this may have just become apparent.

According to IHS Inc there is only a limited production of the new iPad mini's 7.9-inch Retina display, potentially nailing Apple with huge supply issues of its pint-size tablet update for the final few months of 2013.

Apple managed to shift 8.9 million of the original iPad mini in the final quarter of last year, but IHS analysts reckon the Cupertino-based firm is staring down the barrel of less than 4 million units of the mini 2 shipped before 2014 comes around.

Apple store scrum

IHS predicts demand for the new iPad mini 2 will be nearly 9 million units, so that's a huge discrepancy between supply and slavering lust (or just general want) from consumers.

If this is the case then expect the usual Apple store scrum when the iPad mini 2 with Retina display release date is finally announced, as evangelists for the firm's smaller form factor tablet queue round the block and bombard online pre-orders.

Sell outs within hours of the tablet going on pre-order/sale could well be a given if the supply issues ring true, so if you're looking for a sure thing it may be better to focus your attentions on the (more expensive) iPad Air which will arrive on November 1.

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