iPad 5 bezel 'leak' suggests iPad mini is about to go maxi

iPad 5 bezel 'leak' suggests iPad mini is about to go maxi
New look

A new batch of pics of what is supposedly the iPad 5's bezel have emerged, showing off a design that is more iPad mini than iPad 4.

We've heard before that the new iPad will sport a look more in line with its smaller sibling than the older classics - not one, not two but three case manufacturers have made the same claim in recent months.

But these pictures come from Nowhereelse.fr and its Chinese mole; who that is or what its connection to Apple might be is completely unverifiable so this could just be someone larking about.

Larking about

If it is legit though, there's not much to be gleaned beyond the bezel shape, other than that there'll still be a front-facing camera, still be a home button and still be a white edition of the iPad when it launches.

When that will be is anyone's guess - Apple surprised us all by whipping out a new iPad 4 alongside the iPad mini back in October 2012 and we don't imagine that the company will launch another one before October 2013.

That said, we could potentially see a new iPad at WWDC in June alongside iOS 7 or even in September with the iPhone 5S if Apple's really keeping us on our toes.

For everything we know so far about the upcoming Apple haul, check out our iPad 5 round-up, all the speculation on the iPad mini 2 and a bunch of rumours relating to the iPhone 5S.

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