Intel's next gen tablet chips leak with Bay Trail-T and Valleyview-T

Intel's next gen tablet chips leak with Bay Trail-T and Valleyview-T
Tablets - about to get faster and that, surprisingly

Intel's next generation of tablet chips have been outlined in a leaked roadmap image.

The futuristic quad-core Bay Trail-T processor is scheduled for 2014, with talk of more information being revealed at CES 2013, including what manufacturers are working on Bay Trail-T tablets.

It looks as though the chip will launch in a SoC, codenamed Valleyview-T and should put up a good fight against Nvidia's Tegra 3 and Qualcomm's S4 (albeit a couple of years late to the party).

Faster stronger better etc

Unlike the existing Clover Trail chip, Bay Trail-T uses a 22nm core process, which Intel promises will mean half the power requirements resulting in a 50-60 per cent improvement in performance.

In fact, Intel's slides suggests you'll be able to play over 11 hours of video on one charge – something we'll believe when we see, quite frankly.

Other benefits should include higher memory capacity, better audio quality and superior graphics performance when coupled with the Gen7 Intel GPU.

There's even the option to include cameras that can record 3D video, although why you'd ever want to do that on a tablet is quite beyond us.

Intel is expected to reveal more about the Bay Trail-T chips at CES 2013 where tablets are again expected to steal the show.

From Mobile Geeks via Slashgear

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