HTC Flyer follow-up winging its way to the UK

HTC Flyer follow-up winging its way to the UK
Old but gold? Not really, no

A spokesperson for HTC has confirmed that its next tablet will be coming to the UK.

The spokesperson told PC Advisor that a tablet will "definitely" arrive on British soil but wouldn't be drawn on the whens or wherefores, other than that the company will make sure the tablet will have "a unique selling point".

As well as assuaging any fears that Brits wouldn't get their mitts on the thing, HTC's spokesperson also inadvertently confirmed that a new HTC tablet is in the works, something we weren't entirely convinced of despite CEO Peter Chou's fighting talk at the end of last year.

Back in the mists of time

We wouldn't be surprised if UK readers had forgotten that HTC ever released an Android tablet since it's been a bit quiet about it all since the original 7-inch HTC Flyer was launched at MWC 2011.

The only follow-up to the Flyer to date has been the HTC Jetstream, a 10-inch LTE tablet that was only released in the US.

Whether HTC will go with another 10-incher for its new UK-bound slate or if it will try and crack the 7-inch market again is all up for debate.

One thing's for sure, HTC will face a lot more competition in the 7-inch tablet stakes now than it did in May last year, with the Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and potential iPad Mini to contend with.

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