Best apps for your new iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smartphone

Best apps for your new tablet or smartphone
Fill your phone or tablet with our recommended apps

Just got an Android or Apple phone or tablet for Christmas? Lucky you!

Both platforms have a wealth of apps, free and paid-for, that you can download and enjoy on your new device.

But with so many apps available, how do you know which ones to get? That's where we come in.

TechRadar is well known for its definitive lists of the best apps for Android and iOS, which we keep regularly updated.

So whether you're looking for the best games, apps to help you take control of your social networks, or apps to help you be more productive at work, we've got you covered.

Below are links to our most popular app roundups…

Best Android apps

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Whether you're after apps to help you manage your social networks, apps to help you organize and enjoy your photos, music and movies, or an app to help you be more productive at work, our pick of the 90 best free Android apps has got you covered.

Phones aren't all about being productive and organized, so why not download a few of the titles from our selection of the 90 best free Android games to go alongside all those sensible health, fitness and productivity apps?

Best iPad apps

There's huge selection of iPad apps so to make it easy for you to get the very best, we have a roundup of the 90 best free iPad apps as well as a list of the 80 best free iPad games on the planet. Every one of these gets a big TechRadar thumbs up!

iPad apps

Best iPhone apps

We've spent more time than is probably healthy trying out free iPhone apps and games, but that means that you can spend your time enjoying the apps rather than searching for them.

Check out our selection of the 90 best free iPhone apps as well as our exhaustive list of the 80 best free iPhone games and make your iPhone (and yourself) happy.

iPhone games

Try these apps too...

If you want to customize your Android or iOS device, then click on through to 10 fun apps for hacking your phone. None of these require rooting or jailbreaking so you can tweak to your heart's content.

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