ASUS offers £25 voucher for early Google Nexus 7 adopters

ASUS offers 25 voucher for early Google Nexus 7 adopters

Google Nexus 7 manufacturer ASUS is offering a £25 voucher to those who bought the 7-inch tablet before last month's price chop.

The compensation offer comes after Google lowered the price of the 16GB tablet in order to make way for the 32GB model, on October 29.

The 16GB tablet was reduced from £199 to £169, while the £159 8GB model was removed from the range completely.

Now ASUS wants to reward those who snapped up the award-winning tablet in the first few months of sale.

How to get it

The £25 voucher can only be spent on the ASUS online store, must be claimed by November 29 and must be redeemed by December 31.

Buyers will need to have purchased the tablet from Google or ASUS directly and will need to show proof of purchase.

For details on how to pick up the voucher, follow the ASUS link in the hat tip.

Via TheVerge, ASUS