This is the Star Wars-themed laptop you're looking for

If you live and breath Star Wars and can speak in Wookiee, this laptop was made for you.

With Star Wars episode VII coming later this year, HP has teamed up with Disney to produce a special edition version of its 15.6-inch Pavilion notebook. It comes wrapped in a special Star Wars skin featuring the Empire, Storm Troopers, Aurebush font, a trackpad adorned with an X-Wing's targeting computer pattern and Darth Vader himself.

This laptop is quite literally dripping with Star War fandom.

Aside from the slick paint job, this laptop also comes loaded with digital Star War memorabilia. The Star Wars Command Center will allow users to browse through a cache of behind the scenes photos, storyboards, artwork, classic photos, and design docs on the costumes and movie sets.

HP said users will find over 1,100 images that capture the over 40 years of Star Wars history. What's more, the Star Wars special edition version of the Pavilion 15 will also include special Windows 10 themes complete with lightsaber and R2-D2 sound effects.

Users will also find Aurebesh in their font library and even the Recycling Bin will be Star Wars themed, as its usual logo will be replaced by a Death Star icon. Users can also opt to add a few extra Star Wars-themed wireless mouse and laptop sleeve, both come sold separately for $39 (about £26, AU$54).

Primo specs

Aside from the special Star Wars branding, the HP Pavilion 15 is a solid laptop on its own.

It comes with a bright 1,080p, full HD display, offers seven hours of battery life and users can choose between Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. When fully decked out, the HP Pavilion 15 can be configured with 12GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive.

The HP Pavilion 15 Star Wars Special Edition will be available later on November 8 from HP and select retailers for $699 (about £461, AU$987), whereas the regular version goes for $549 (about £362, AU$775).

An extra 150 smackers isn't a bad way to spend your money for a special Star Wars themed laptop. To top it off HP has also thrown in a one-year membership for Fandor, which usually runs for $90, giving users access to a collection of indie movies.

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