Battery recalls won't affect Xmas purchases

Only 15 per cent of potential notebook buyers have been put off by the recent battery recall scare

Only 15 per cent of potential notebook buyers say the recent battery recalls will affect their decision regarding what machine to buy, an IDC study shows.

The massive recall of notebook batteries during the past few months hasn't put shoppers off from buying new machines, the study found. Some 85 per cent said the battery recall wouldn't have any impact on their buying decisions.But a small number may have changed their minds about what brand to go for.

"The silver lining is that most of the customers we surveyed aren't foregoing notebook purchases," says Richard Shim, senior research analyst with IDC's personal computing program.

Win over customers

"Instead, a small percentage indicate that they will alter their brand preference, meaning that vendors have an opportunity to win over new customers, forming new market dynamics," he said.

The 15 per cent that may change their minds about brands is "enough of an impact to sway market share, especially in the corporate segment where buyers purchase large volumes of notebooks", IDC analysts said in a study entitled 'Notebook PC Buyer Segment Survey: Analyzing the Impact of the Battery Recall'.

As previously reported, notebook manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba have all issued battery recalls since August this year. A small number of batteries were overheating and in some cases even caused fires.

The IDC survey polled some 500 corporate PC buyers and more than 200 consumer buyers.