Misfit Path hybrid watch may be the stylish fitness tracker you're looking for

Misfit products have always been about combining stylish looks with fitness tracking tech and its latest product is no exception.

The Misfit Path is designed for those with smaller wrists who want a watch that looks stylish but also tracks their fitness stats.

It's the smallest hybrid smartwatch from the company yet but it still tracks your step count, calories burned and distance traveled, as well as both sleep duration and quality.

Smaller design

Compared to other hybrid Misfit products, this is a much smaller watch that should be good for anyone who wants something a little lighter on their wrist.

There are smart buttons on the side of the watch that you can customize to do things such as play music or take a picture on your phone.

The Misfit Path is also waterproof, so you can take it in the shower or swimming, plus you won't need to charge this every night as it works with a normal watch battery and will last for around six months.

Design-wise you have the choice of four different looks. There's Stainless Steel, Rose Tone, Gold Tone, and Stainless Steel with Gold Tone Accent color choices for the watch, which you can see examples of below.

The watch is set to be released in the spring and is going to cost $149.99 (about £110, AU$190). We don't know an exact date or pricing for the UK or Australia yet, but we'll be sure to update this piece when we know more.

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