Massive Note 10 Plus 5G revealed in several leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G
Image credit: Evan Blass (Image credit: Evan Blass)

We’re just starting to see leaked images of the stylus-packing Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and its higher-specced Plus version, but there’s something new in the mix: leaked information on and images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G.

The first image came courtesy of reputable leaker Evan Blass (who supplied earlier leaks of the Note 10 Plus, among others), who tweeted out what appears to be ad copy pairing the new handset with Verizon’s next-generation network, which reads: “Galaxy Note10 Plus 5G meets Verizon 5G. Pre-order today and get a Note10 free.*” He followed it up with a tweet of another Verizon ad GIF.

What does the Note 10 Plus 5G look like? A bigger, wider version of the already-large Note 10, from the looks of the leaked image. True, we don’t see much from the ad – and like early images of the Note 10 Plus, our metric of comparison is really how tall it is compared to the stylus – but it simply looks like a sized-up version of the base model.

Something else has appeared supporting the existence of a 5G Note 10: a certification by China’s 3C authority, according to GizmoChina. The 3C database includes a listing for one SM-N9760, which other reports have tied to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. 

The entry in question prominently lists a “5G digital mobile phone,” which is very likely the 10 Plus 5G, suggesting Samsung views it as a variant rather than a standalone device.

A Note 10 ... in 5G?

This isn’t a huge surprise, as Samsung released the Galaxy S10 5G some months after the base phone was released. That handset was bigger, slightly higher-specced, and had an extra ToF sensor. As expected, carriers with nascent 5G networks, like Verizon and later T-Mobile, have supported the S10 5G, which has been the best-performing 5G phone thus far.

A Note 10 Plus 5G will build on that path – though without more information on what’s packed in the phone, we can’t foretell which 5G networks it will be compatible with. For instance, will it follow the S10 5G and just work with hyperlocal millimeter wave setups, like Verizon 5G? Or will it work with the wider sub-6GHz networks coming from the merged T-Mobile 5G and Sprint 5G?

If it’s anything like the S10 5G, the Note 10 Plus 5G will be bigger and higher-specced than the base model – the ultimate version, you could say, for anyone who wants to buy a phone to flex with.

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