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Life is Strange 2 trailer tells the tale of two brothers road-tripping to Mexico

Life Is Strange 2

We finally know what to expect from Dontnod’s long-awaited Life is Strange sequel, thanks to two brand new trailers and official reveal event at Gamescom. 

Life is Strange 2 is a five-part episodic adventure which focuses on two new protagonists - brothers Sean (16) and Daniel (9) Diaz. The pair live a fairly normal life in Seattle, Washington until a tragic accident forces them to run away from home.

Terrified of being caught by the police - and ultimately separated - the brothers set off on a road trip to their family’s hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico in hope of a better life.

Check out the official trailer below:

And here's the first gameplay trailer:

What lies ahead

Life on the road is tough, especially for playable character Sean - who must be a role model to his younger brother while coming to age himself. 

Sean’s actions will have an impact on Daniel and, as in its predecessor, supernatural powers will be involved somehow - but Dontnod are still being pretty secretive about exactly how. Gameplay footage is expected to be revealed in the next few days. 

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 will release on September 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam. The remaining four episodes will be released at later (undisclosed) dates.