LG just announced its own smartphone AI, coming on a new LG V30

We already knew the previously expected LG G7 will be taking a backseat at MWC 2018, but it seems to be to make way for a new smartphone AI announcement from the company.

LG has officially announced it'll be making its own artificial intelligence to go inside its upcoming smartphones, in a similar way to the internals on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Honor View 10.

The new tech will debut on a new version of the LG V30 - an updated version of last year's handset that we'll see at the show at the end of the month - plus then we may see it on upcoming handsets like the LG G7 too.

What will AI bring?

LG has already revealed a couple of use cases for its artificial intelligence, which is something it's calling Vision AI.

Part of the software uses AI to automatically analyze what's in your camera viewfinder and recommend the best possible shooting mode. It's similar to a feature we've already seen on Huawei handsets, but this one only features eight shooting modes which include portrait, food, landscape, sunrise, sunset and others.

The company has analyzed over 100 million images to work out the best shooting angle, colors, backlighting, saturation levels and more to give you the best automatic shooting mode possible.

AI will allow for a new low-light shooting mode that brightens up your images automatically.

LG also believes AI will be able to help you while you're shopping by automatically spotting QR codes or giving you prices at other retailers for certain products.

We can expect to hear much more about the features within the new AI at MWC 2018, but we've already heard confirmation the company won't be hosting a conference at the show so it's not certain when we'll see more.

As for the new version of the LG V30, it currently looks like it'll just boast the updated AI features and won't come with any other updated hardware but we'll be sure to learn more at MWC 2018.

James Peckham

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