Acer officially launches new Aspire One

Acer's new Aspire One 10-inch model officially announced
Acer's new Aspire One 10-inch model officially announced

Acer has officially announced the launch of its new 10-inch screen netbook, the latest version of its hugely popular Aspire One.

TechRadar glimpsed the new Aspire One in the wild (so to speak) at the BETT show in London last week, where we were informed by an Acer rep that the machines were on the boat and should be with us sometime in February.

The new Aspire One has a 10.1" WSVGA LED backlit display with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels, is equipped with Bluetooth and can also be specified with a choice of embedded WiMAX or 3G[1] wireless technologies for unlimited connectivity.

Acer claims an impressive up to "7 hours battery life for maximum fun", which we will be sure to test out as soon as we get hold of one.

Most importantly, it's also available in red.

Netbook market driven by need

Acer is now the third largest vendor in the global PC market according to the latest Gartner data.

"Only one year after first appearing... netbooks have totally revolutionized the PC market," reads Acer's press release just in.

The new market segment has been created by consumers' "real need to be online all the time and to socialize around the clock."

Credit crunch buster

"Despite the recent problems of the financial markets and general economic uncertainty, the netbook and notebook markets will continue to grow in 2009" said Gianfranco Lanci, President & CEO of Acer Inc.

"With companies focused on containing the crisis, consumers and [the] products designed for them become more important, as users simply cannot do without their personal communication instruments."

Adam Hartley