Jack Black is on YouTube, and he's here to talk video games

Jablinksi Games

Actor, comedian and musician Jack Black is now on YouTube

The star of School of Rock and voice of Kung Fu Panda will be looking to further the entertainment of the masses with his new YouTube channel, 'Jablinski Games', covering topics as far-ranging as "games, food, and life".

Currently the only video on the channel is the announcement clip below, where Black voices the ambition to be "bigger than Ninja... bigger than PewDiePie", citing two of the video platform's biggest names. There are a few inside jokes that might be confusing for some – the adjustable chair is a callback to an old PewDiePie video – but take a look for yourself.

A star is born?

Despite the very low-key introductory video, Jablinski Games currently has over 1m subscribers at the time of writing, with that number rising steadily every day.

The channel will reportedly be releasing a new video 'every Friday', so there could well be one online over the next few hours.

While YouTube is often looked to as a place for rising stars and content creators starting out in the entertainment business, it's also become a place where high-profile A-listers can connect to their fans and audience in a different way.

The videos on Jablinski Games will be edited and produced by Jack Black's twelve-year-old son, rather than any official production team, according to the description on the video posted above. 

Are we looking at a short-lived family project, an intriguing intergenerational look at gaming and wider culture, or one big in-joke? We may find out very shortly.

Henry St Leger

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