Ivacy adds Startpage private search engine to its VPN

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In order to provide users with a truly holistic private online experience, Ivacy VPN had partnered with Startpage to add the private search engine as an option when users connect to its VPN service.

While business users and consumers alike have begun to rely on VPN services to protect their privacy, using a search engine such as Google can still allow advertisers and other third-parties to track your online activity which undermines the privacy benefits of using a VPN in the first place.

Ivacy VPN and Startpage were both founded over a decade ago and both companies share a deep commitment to protecting users' freedom and privacy online. By giving Ivacy users the ability to search privately with Startpage, the two companies are offering an end-to-end private online experience where neither a user's browsing habits or searches can be used to track them online.

PR manager at Ivacy Alan Martin provided further insight on the new partnership in a press release, saying:

"Startpage offers results which people have become more accustomed to i.e., Google. This new partnership has the potential to lead to an increased privacy and security for internet users who choose not to share their browsing habits with anyone."

VPN plus private search

As neither Ivacy nor Startpage track user's IP addresses, log browsing data or sell user data to third parties, the two companies' partnership makes a great deal of sense as it will ensure users remain protected and anonymous while browsing the web.

Ivacy VPN is an active and trusted member of the I2 Coalition's VPN Trust Initiative and the company's VPN service offers over 200 servers in more than 100 locations. Startpage on the other hand is the world's most private search engine that provides search results without tracking as the service does not store or leak personal data such as IP addresses or use tracking cookies.

Co-founder and CEO of Startpage Robert E.G. Beens praised the new partnership between it and Ivacy VPN, saying:

"Ivacy has been a highly secure, private and trusted VPN for as long as Startpage has been around, and we share many of the same values around protecting online freedom and privacy. This partnership further extends how and where people can search the internet privately without being tracked or having their data logged and sold. Together, we're excited to give users easier access to the types of online privacy tools they need to protect their data without sacrificing user experience or search results."

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