Top VPN brands join security initiative

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In an effort to drive awareness of and trust in VPN technology, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) has announced the launch of the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI).

The VTI is an industry-led and member-driven consortium of VPN business leaders which will focus on improving consumer's digital safety by building understanding, strengthening trust and mitigating risk for VPN users.

Alongside the i2Coalition, founding VTI members include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN, Surfshark and J2 Global's NetProtect which owns, WLVPN, SugarSync, IPVanish, StrongVPN, OverPlay and SaferVPN. However, AnchorFree, CyberGhost and HotSpot Shield have yet to join the initiative.

The i2Coalition's aim behind introducing the VTI is to foster cooperation in the industry while leveraging collective first-hand knowledge and insights to advocate for beneficial VPN technical standards and business best practices. The VTI will serve as the voice of the VPN industry by working together to strengthen public trust in VPNs, promote appropriate guidelines and help consumers make informed VPN choices.

VPN Trust Initiative

VPNs provide consumers with crucial benefits which protect their digital privacy, security and rights. However, to provide these benefits, VPNs need to follow best practices to ensure the safety of their users and also to protect their reputations.

The VTI will focus on advocacy, awareness and education in order to reach consumers, legislators and technologists. The initiative will also provide accurate information to policymakers, inform the tech industry and establish solutions to pressing VPN challenges.

Co-founder of the i2Coalition, Christian Dawson explained in a press release how the VPN industry as a whole can benefit from the launch of the VPN Trust Initiative, saying:

“Connecting to a Virtual Private Network helps ensure your activity isn’t being intercepted, especially when you’re using a shared Internet connection. VPNs are a foundational technology for a safer Internet, so it’s important that VPN providers adhere to best practices. However, it’s also important that new legislation doesn’t inadvertently limit the effectiveness of VPNs. 

“This initiative offers a vital and unique opportunity for the industry to come together as a collective and spearhead real awareness, education, and progress. In doing so, we not only position our members as stewards of the Internet with active and dedicated interest in the global Internet’s safety and efficacy, we also deliver highly valuable, beneficial, and transformational action as digital security concerns grow and the technological world evolves.”

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