It’s official: Windows 10 Creators Update will be out on April 11

Microsoft has announced that the Creators Update for Windows 10 will indeed go live on the date which had previously been rumored, namely April 11.

Of course, that’s the initial date for when the rollout starts. Just as with the previous Anniversary Update, Microsoft is deploying the upgrade in stages, so only some folks will get it in that first week.

As we discussed last week, the Anniversary Update arrived at a pretty measured pace, with only 35% of Windows 10 PCs receiving it in the first two months. Microsoft may well have learned lessons in this process though, so the Creators Update could be deployed at a faster rate. Fingers crossed…

As well as revealing the official launch date, Microsoft recapped some of the fresh features coming with the Creators Update, including the new Paint 3D app which allows you to easily create three-dimensional objects from scratch (or turn a 2D image into a 3D one).

Beaming with pride

Then there’s also Beam, which brings built-in game broadcasting to Windows 10, with no extra software or hardware required. You’ll be able to stream gaming sessions with a minimum of fuss – simply bring up the Game Bar (by pressing Windows + G), and click broadcast – plus Beam offers a whole host of extras to facilitate interacting and chatting with your viewing audience.

Don't forget Game Mode, too, which can intelligently dedicate more resources to your PC games to ensure smoother running.

And following the embarrassment of Windows 10’s browser coming in last place at the Pwn2Own hacking event recently, Microsoft underlined security improvements to Edge, claiming that it blocks 9% more phishing sites and 13% more malware than Chrome (according to an NSS Labs report – note that Google’s Chrome won the Pwn2Own contest).

The software giant also observed that the Creators Update brings a number of new features to Edge, including advanced tab management to help you better organise all your open tabs, and the ability to read e-books (purchased from Books in Windows Store) in the browser across all your Windows 10 hardware.

Are you excited for the Creators Update? In actual fact, it is possible to download it right now via a leaked Microsoft utility, although it might not be wise to do so, and that’s certainly an action you take at your own risk – as we discussed yesterday.

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